B12 for Business Owners

We'll pay a fair price for your business because we are investing in the solid foundation you laid: a sound, professional management team that believes in the company's culture and understands that the company's people, morale and customers are the real driving force for continued success.

You have our promise that we will deal honestly, professionally and ethically; and, without question, do what we said. We are sensitive to the company's culture, and believe that so long as the business continues to perform, there is no need for major changes in personnel or operations.

While ownership changes can often be traumatic, we fully understand that our role, just as yours, is to ensure that management has the resources necessary to increase the company's value. We believe management should have strong financial incentives, including meaningful ownership opportunities, which tie their success directly to the success of the company and our investors.

Your management team knows the business and will maintain operational control, but we're prepared to “roll up our sleeves” in a supporting role, sharing in the responsibility for making sure the company meets or exceeds its operational goals. We're committed to making our partnership a win-win-win situation for key management, your legacy and our investors.