Change of Ownership

Private Company Sale/ Management Buyouts

Private business owners who want to sell their business and retire can look to B12 to partner with remaining management team to buy the company.

Private Company Recapitalization

If the owner simply wants to diversify his or her net worth, B12 can partner with the owner and key managers in a recapitalization of the company. This allows the owner to remain involved as a minority investor and participate in the next round of growth and opportunity.

Corporate Divestitures

B12 stands ready to lead existing management teams through corporate divestiture transactions as parent companies and corporate sellers look to shed non-core operating divisions and non-strategic assets.

Growth Scenarios

Organic Growth Opportunities

B12 can be a friendly capital partner to a company growing at double-digit rates and needing outside capital to fuel additional growth. We are willing to work with you and your advisers to see if we are the right fit for your growth needs.

Growth Through Acquisition

Looking to buy a larger competitor, or simply want to execute an acquisitive growth strategy? B12 is experienced in the opportunities and pitfalls of strategic acquisitions and their related operational integration issues. We would be glad to sit down and discuss partnering with you on this effort.

A Note on Control vs. Minority Ownership Positions: B12 believes that success stories are made, they don't just happen. More important than ownership splits are the answers to the following questions:

  • Are the right partners involved?
  • Is it a solid operating company in an industry that allows sufficient profit margins?
  • Is the capital structure fitting for the portfolio company's growth strategy?
  • Do all interested parties share the same growth and exit strategies?

We consider ownership percentages to be something more mathematical in nature, to be discussed when, and only when, the rest of the pieces feel right to all parties.