B12 for Management

Going through a change in ownership can be very stressful for everyone in the organization, especially management. We feel that partnering with a strong management team is essential. You know the business and we need your experience, leadership and commitment to be successful. Our role is to ensure you have the resources and support necessary to guide the company to the next level.

As partners, we also believe management should have strong financial incentives to increase the company's equity value. These incentives may include a purchased ownership stake, cash bonuses and additional ownership opportunities to be earned by achieving pre-established performance goals. This aligns your interests with ours while affording you day-to-day operational control of the business.

Our partnership and ability to work together will be valuable when it's time to exit the investment. We will seek agreement on timing as well as the suitability of the new ownership structure anticipated, making sure the culture and success of the company is appropriately transitioned. As co-owners we're committed to making our partnership a win-win-win situation for you, the company, and our investors.

We also welcome inquiries from transitioning senior managers who seek to manage and invest in a business. Matching people talent with desirable investment opportunities and appropriate capital structures is essentially what we do.